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Max Taylor Studios

Original Oil Paintings at Affordable Prices

Original Oil Painting; Landscape Painting of Salt Marsh Estuary;

Thank you for visiting Max Taylor Studios.  Max is a traditional landscape artist, painting exclusively in oils.  Max loved art from an early age, drawing, sketching, and just sitting in the woods, enjoying the smells and ambiance of nature. 

His goal is to bring the viewer back to a fond memory, perhaps from one's childhood or while on vacation, or to a place only visited in one's mind.  Max paints what he loves... from the woods and the mountains of both the Rockies and Appalachia where he camped with his four sons to the swamplands of Louisiana where he roamed every summer visiting his grandmother.  And of course, he cannot leave out his beloved Texas.  "If the subject means nothing to me, I cannot paint it. It must first be in my heart for it to show up on my canvas."